Biblical tours in Greece – Following the Steps of Paul

St Paul travelled through Greece on his missionary journeys and visited many places which form the basis of an interesting tour. Athens is usually the starting point for a tour and herethere are many things to see, such as the Parthenon, museums and Mars Hill where St Paul preached.

We visit Corint, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi and to the north, the Meteora Monasteries perched high on the cliffs Varlaam, Vergina and Veria (Berea) can all be visited en route to Thessaloniki. Visits to Philippi and Kavala round off an excitingtour which covers much of St Paul’s travels and the rich history of Greece.

Visit the places of biblical significance while learning the culture and history of the local area. See the stories of Apostle Paul come to life as you follow in his footsteps throughout Greece. A Biblical Tour is the best way to follow scripture while deepening your faith.

Here is only a sample of the places you can visit through our programs & what you can experience …

– Ancient Philippi and Corinth, where the Apostle Paul preached
– The magnificent rocks of Meteora Monasteries in Central Greece
– Patmos island and the cave where the Apostle Hohn wrote the Book of Revelation
– Ephessus and the “Seven Churches” in Asia Minor